Finding lesser known, useful websites.

Before I started writing this post I did a quick search on the size of the internet. The results said there are over 1.1 billion websites. And the number is increasing every minute.

Now, 1.1 billion doesn’t mean much to me. I know it’s a lot but how big is a billion really?

So, to get some perspective on the number, I did some calculations.

Suppose I have 1.1 billion dollars. And I don’t trust the banks so I keep the money under my mattress. In the morning I count out $50,000 and go out and spend it all.

The next morning I take another $50,000 and spend it. So for 7 days a week, every week of the year, I spend $50,000 every day.

How long do you think I could keep this up before my 1.1 billion is gone? Five years? Ten years?

I could spend $50,000 a day, every day, for 60 years!

Well . . . that is not the answer I was expecting. So 1.1 billion websites is an enormous number. It means I’m never going to run out of websites to explore.

As I’ve mentioned before, I like taking the road less travelled. On the internet this often leads me to useful websites that are not well known. I started writing an article listing six or seven of these sites, but I decided it would be better to make a series of posts.

Every Friday I will post a review of a different website. Some of these sites you may have heard of, but I’m hoping others will be new and useful to you.

Many of the sites are places where you can participate and help build the internet. These are my favourite type of website and I am excited to bring them to you.

The first post is here,¬†or you can click on the ‘Lesser known websites’ category to see the list of posts.

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Richard Hoare.

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